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Power Up Your Business with Chat GPT

March 14, 2023 Pete Mohr Season 1 Episode 11
Business Owner Breakthrough Podcast
Power Up Your Business with Chat GPT
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In this episode of the Business Owner Breakthrough podcast, host Pete Mohr explores the benefits of using Chat GPT as a powerful tool for business owners to tackle challenges with ease. He explains that Chat GPT provides instant access to advice and insights in various fields, from marketing to human resources to finance and more. Using pointed questions, Chat GPT can help you develop content for your business, create cash flow forecasts, and even provide you with meeting ideas. By getting started with Chat GPT, you can get your to-do list 70-80% done and move on to other tasks. It's time to take action.

Here are a few things Pete covers:

  • Benefits of using Chat GPT for business owners
  • How to use Chat GPT to develop content, create cash flow forecasts, and get ideas for meetings
  • The importance of getting started and finishing the last 20%
  • Details about the upcoming Chat GPT breakthrough workshop on March 31st
  • How to join the workshop or sample Chat GPT for free

It's time to take action:

Join the upcoming Chat GPT breakthrough workshop on March 31st to learn more about how this powerful tool can benefit your business. 

If you're new to Chat GPT, start playing around with it and see how it can help you get things done.

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Are you ready to move from operator to owner? Well, decisions in your organization should be made at the lowest possible level of your business. Every day. There is a framework that can help and it's called the five P's. Understanding your promise, aligning your product process and people to it will generate the most amount of profit. And that's when the freedom comes. Freedom from the day to day management and freedom to start doing the things that you want and deserve to do, inside and outside of your business. No one ever said it was easy, but it's time to start the process on the business owner breakthrough. If you'd like to chat with me about helping you break through in your business, simply go to speak to that speak to to book an appointment and to see if we're a right fit. Do you ever find yourself struggling to come up with new ideas? Or maybe wishing you had an expert to help you navigate those tough business decisions? Well, as a business owner, you face countless challenges every day, from marketing to customer services, finances operations. What if you had a powerful tool that could help you tackle these challenges with ease? In this episode of the business owner breakthrough podcast, I'm going to discuss a little bit about this powerful tool that unless you've been hiding under a rock, it's called Chat Qi p t, it can help business owners like you, it helps me do a lot of things that I do as a business coach, it's been a very powerful tool with our shoe topia business as well as my coaching business. It's really cutting edge technology. It's the using of a AI technology. It's really this business tool that provides you with instant access to all sorts of advice and insights, and it doesn't replace anybody on your team. But what it can do is it can free up some time. And it can help you get started on the things that you've been procrastinating. And that's what excites me the most, you have this list of things and you say, You know what, I'll get to it. That's something that I just don't have time for now, I'll get to it. But getting started is halfway done. And I think that's a really interesting concept. It can help you with your Human Resources side around all of the job descriptions that you still don't have done, or maybe even a job posting, it can help you get through these things. So that let's say it's maybe 70 or 80% of how you want it done. Well, if you can get it 70 or 80% of the way you want it done. Just tweaking off that last little bit to make it personally yours. And then getting it into the actionable item file on your priority list is so crucial. That's the power of chat GPT. The beauty of it is that you can really access this at any given time you have 24/7 access to an expert in virtually any field, it can help you code if you like to code, it can help you create meal plans, it can help you write songs. But what I really like is that it can help you develop content for your business, whether it's for your website, I recently did a workshop on chat GPT with a small group of people. And we went through how Jack GPT can help you with things like this, creating all of the things around your finance all around your operations all around your human resources, your marketing content, your sales, even going through sort of meeting ideas. If you're if you're pressed for finding out what you're going to talk to your team about it will provide you with that on the finance things we talked about key performance indicators and what you should be looking for it as chat GBT all around things there. How to create cash flow forecast tools and layouts for dashboards for your industry. In human resources. We talked about job postings, job descriptions, we talked about how to hire in fire. We talked about online applications, what they should look like, what questions you should be asking your first and second interviews, what questions you should be asking and comments you should be leaving in exit interviews. Chachi Beatty gave us so much good information, that it allows you to work through these things in almost a seamless manner. You take the results, and then you tweak them to your given business and marketing content. We developed literally 30 Day marketing plans for the businesses within about 10 minutes. And that gave you hashtags that gave you content that gave you ideas to take pictures and what pictures you're going to need or videos you're going to need. It gave you everything that gives you stress typically, because you're trying to come up with these ideas, and coming up with the ideas all the time and coming up with the language is such an important piece of getting started. This is the power of chat GPT. And really, it boils down to how you ask it and learning the proper prompts, so that you can get the information that you require out of it. A lot of people who are starting to enjoy and play around with chat GPT are just really on the very cusp of it. But it's something that you can really cater to give you exactly precise information. So then you have what it is that you need to move ahead. Now chat UWPD isn't perfect, it doesn't always give you the right information, it doesn't always give you factually correct information, which is some problems. So there are some issues with it. And you just have to take that into consideration, when you're using it as a tool to lift up what it is you're trying to do. Again, it doesn't replace your marketing company, it doesn't replace your human resources person. But what it can do is it can really give you this level up to get that content to a 70 or 80%, that you're gonna go back and double check, make sure it's factual all this other stuff, and then tweak that last 80%. It says whole parados law, you know, 80% done is awesome. Finish the 20% from your behalf or from your team's behalf as they use this. And then allow yourself to move on to the next one. Because part of procrastination as a leader is the fact that we always have these things that we know we need to get done in the back of our head. And it takes up some of our decision making time each and every day, using something like Chachi Beatty asking a question and having it come out with some really interesting ideas. Let's say it gives you 10 or 20 points to look at, you might only like five or six them but five or six points, when before you ask the question you had zero or maybe one or two is a huge win. So go ahead and dive into chat GPT. It's currently in beta as we are recording this podcast right now. But I prefer to pay the $20 a month and go ahead and have it as a stable sort of facility for me because I use it a lot. I think it's worth the $20 a month if you are a content creator, to get in there and actually be able to use it whenever you want to be able to use it. But if you don't want to, it's currently free. And you can test and sample it. Based on the success of my first chat GPT breakthrough workshop for business owners, I'm going to conduct another one. And it's going to be on March 31, which is a Friday, from 10am to 12pm. Eastern time. So for two hours, we're going to hop on a zoom call at a maximum amount of 12 people so we can cater some of these chats around your particular business. But I can tell you from the first one we did, almost every chat applies to almost every business because the way we use it, you can really use the prompts and just tweak them out a little bit in order to make them special for your business. And we could have gone on a lot longer. But through those two hours we dug into so much. There's a lot of valuable content, and a lot of cool things that we can do with chat GBT. Using the right prompts. I'll provide everybody with a download of all of those prompts. Working through this, we'll have the video capture at the end of it for you to use as well. If you'd like to join me for this chat GPT breakthrough on the 31st between 10 and 12. Eastern time, simply email me at Pete at more dot coach that's PE te at mo HR dot c o a c h and I'll get back to you with all the information you need. I'm also going to include a link to the event in the show notes so that you can go there and go directly to sign up for the workshop. Chat GPT has been a breakthrough for content for me and I want it to be for you as well. So hope to see you on the 31st We're only going to take 12 people into this workshop. I like to keep it nice and tight. So we have a good round Open Table discussion. If it sounds like something that you're interested in. Again, just reach out to me at Pete at mortgage coach and we'll see you there. And for now, sign in to chat GPT start playing get to know a little bit about it and go and make it a great day an ironic media production visit us at our ONICK